Pro life? Pro choice? How about “pro nuance?”

There was a tremendous piece in the weekend Wall Street Journal entitled “What Americans Really Think About Abortion”

It captured so much of what I hope to talk about in this blog.

The gist of the research that was the foundation for the article was this: “Pro life” and “pro choice” are far too simple terms to describe what most Americans see as a complex issue.

Now, if you think I’m about to start an abortion debate, you don’t know me very well.

The point is, however, that we tend to oversimplify EVERYTHING when politics is involved.

If Trump/Biden is for it, I must be against it. If Trump/Biden is against it, I must be for it.

The same is true for issues. Going to war; taxes; regulations; COVID strategies. These are complicated things. Oversimplifying these issues does not do our form of government justice.

If you are a member of one party and can’t name a single policy from the other party with which you can’t agree, I would submit that’s a problem.

Further, if you can’t find any wiggle room in any of the major issues of the day — like the ones I listed above — then that’s a problem, too.

I hope you will read this piece I linked. Not to change your mind on abortion, but to cause some introspection on how we frame and label the issues of the day.