Namaste, remembered

This op-ed piece I wrote in the Democrat came up in my Facebook memories today. It was from two just years ago, and was written in the wake of the yoga killings in Tallahassee.

First, doesn’t it seem like that was more than two years ago?

Second, the quote in the piece about namaste moved me so then and did again this morning.

It didn’t occur to me then, but it really provides a path forward for the way we deal with each other in this polarized political landscape.

It’s from author L.R. Knost:

means that my soul 
acknowledges yours —
not just your light,
your wisdom, 
your goodness,
but also your darkness,
your suffering, 
your imperfections.

It is a recognition
and acceptance of
the inexplicable
divine absurdity,
the miraculous woven
into the ordinary,
light and darkness
intimately entwined
in magical, messy

It means that I honor
all that you are
with all that I am.

So, namaste, 
my fellow travelers.
I’m so glad we’re on 
this trek through 
the universe together.” 

“But also your darkness…” is the part that sticks with me. Right now, we selectively view the darkness of others and ignore our own.

Anyway, namaste, fellow travelers.

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